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Q. How much do I get paid?

A. Our current rate is 15. This means that you will get 15 of the profits for every user that buys something from Direct Callback. You will be able to view the exact statistics of your users and what they buy checking out the stats section.

Q. Can I use my banner code on more than one web site?

A. Yes you may. You can use your same code on as many different pages or websites as you like.

Q. Can I use Popup Traffic on free hosted sites?

A. There are no limits on what kind of sites you place your banner ad.

Q. How often do I get paid?

A. We pay monthly for all accounts that accumulate over 25.00 in that period. Click the Pay Schedule button for complete info on payments. Checks for all accounts in all nations mail out no later than the 10th business day after the end of the month.

Q. What if I don't send 25.00 in hits in a one month period?

A. The money you accumulate carries over to the following pay period.

Q. Can I place your link on my website which in not written in english?

A. Sure thing. If they buy products from us we have no limitation on where they are from.

Q. Do you pay foreign webmasters?

A. We pay all foreign webmasters.

Q. What other rules do you have for your program?

A. All rules and regulations for the Direct Callback Program are explained in the Terms & Conditions.

Q. What if I have to contact you regarding a question that you haven't answered here?

A. You can e-mail us at

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