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About DirectCallback
Frequently asked questions.
What do I need to setup Directcallback?
All you need is a mobile phone ! (or a pager) That's it! The phone has to be capable of receiving text messages. (90% of mobile phones have this capability) So you do not even need a computer, to call back your customers.
Do I need to have my own web page to use directcallback ?
No, a web page will be created for you, so you could list yourself in an online business directory, using that newly created page. Of course, if you have your own web page, you easily can integrate directcallback in it.
Can I receive directcallback notifications on my mobile phone, even when I am abroad?

Yes, in most cases you can, provided your mobile phone works to make calls abroad. (your mobile phone operator has to have a roaming agreement with the foreign operator)

What if I do not receive a notification?

In some rare circumstances, you will not receive notifications, because of technical problems with your or our mobile telephone network or your mobile phone, But copies of notifications are always stored on your personal web page, for further verification.

What happens if I receive too many notifications at once? I might not have time to call back the customers at once.

That's why we have created rotating numbers. Let's say there are 3 people working in your office. Each one of them has a mobile phone. The first notification will be sent to your mobile phone, the second to the second employee, the third notification to the third employee, and the fourth notification, again to you. So there is always someone available to talk to customers.
Is it possible to turn the service off?
Yes, you can do so from your controlpanel.






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